Friday, August 26, 2011

We Turned 1!

Last night was our first anniversary bash at Urbana where we sipped on wine, engaged in great conversation and enjoyed delicious pizzas! The summer has been very busy for everyone so it had been a while since our last event. It was very casual where we celebrated all the good times we've had in the past and brainstormed new ideas for future events.

Despite the rainy weather, we had a great turnout!

Also, some local companies donated gifts to hand out to our members. Thanks to VA Wine in My Pocket for giving everyone a free iPhone/iPad app so we can navigate VA wine country! Also thanks to WineWear for donating creative sleeves for gifting wine. Everyone appreciated the gifts, I mean who doesn't love free stuff?!

WineWear's free gifts

Look at all the happy faces!

Long time Winos, Sarah and Christina

Founder, Jess with Jennifer

Wine Distributor, Andrea and Jess

Jennifer with another long timer, Mark

Hope to see YOU at the next event!! Stay tuned.


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